Monday, May 13, 2019

It Can Happen to You!

I'm talking about finding out you have prostate cancer.
One in seven men in their life times get this bad news.
I did when I turned 50 as a birthday present. What a present!
Actually it turns out to have been a gift. My prostate cancer
is early stage, so with a prostate friendly diet, regular exercise and
a stress management program I have not progressed and have been
able to avoid conventional damaging treatments for the past 24 years..
Other men have not been as fortunate as me.
My brother in New York is one of them. He retired 2 months ago on his
65th birthday. Two months later he was told he has an aggressive Gleason 9
advanced prostate cancer. Fortunately he live in NYC and has access to
big cancer centers who are using the latest diagnostic tools and protocols.
His chances for longer term survival are pretty good.
So what's a man to do?
Get a PSA test at 40 to establish a baseline marker. (there is no such thing
as a normal PSA, every man has his own normal). Then get checked each year
and consider changing to a prostate friendly diet and increased exercise.
Wishing you good and sustainable prostate health.