Friday, March 17, 2017

Crila for BPH Control

Do you have BPH ? (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). It does not lead to prostate cancer but the symptoms drive a lot of guys crazy. They included urgent and frequent urination, difficulty in starting a stream, difficulty totally evacuating and often multiple trips to the bathroom overnight. BPH afflicts a large percentage of men as they age, with symptoms beginning for some men as early as their 40's.There are a multitude of supplements available on-line and over the counter, many making outrageous claims, few of them work well.
The PAF will be conducting a 6 month evaluation of Crila a supplement for BPH control. This supplement comes from a Vietnamese Water Lilly used by royalty and the nobility of Vietnam for centuries.

Crila Health is the company that grows, harvests,  encapsulates and distributes this supplement whose active ingredient is called Crinum Latifolium. Crila Health will be providing this product free of charge for a six month evaluation conducted by the Prostate Awareness Foundation. The PAF is currently recruiting 25 men to participate. If you are interested please call the PAF at 415-407-3961 to see if you qualify.