Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chemotherapy May Worsen End Of Life Quality

A new study by the Center for Research on End-Of-Life Care at Weill Cornell Medical College in NY reports surprising and unexpected results. In a study of 312 cancer patients given 6 months or less to live, even stronger patients that were given Chemo in the hope of improving survival time had worsened quality of life and no difference in survival time from those opting out of another round of end stage chemo.

If you have a loved one or friend that had treatment at this late stage you more than likely knew this already.

There is a time and place for everything. In the case of late stage cancer we have seen time and again the sad cycle of constipation, diarrhea nausea and other problems destroy quality of life. Hopefully this study will make the excruciating question all cancer patients with a short time to live ask themselves: "should I try another round of Chemo?" an easier decision. And, we have not even discussed the exorbitant cost of these treatments, a financial windfall for the medical establishment!

Some of the PAF Hikers at the Land's End to Baker Beach hike.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Successful Summit of Mt. Baker by the PAF Team

A 5 man climbing team backed by a five man support team and 2 professional guides reached the summit of 10,781' Mt Baker in North Cascades National Park on Wednesday, July 15th.
Unseasonably warm weather made the technical climb especially challenging because of collapsing snow and ice bridges and the danger of rock fall.

This year's Cancer Climb & Trek for Prostate Awareness climbing team consisted of Ken Malik the PAF founder and executive director from California, Darren Paul a sports medicine oriented chiropractor from British Columbia, John & Matt Loesing a father & son team from Southern California, and Steve Swindell from The Boston area.

Our support team was made up of Ralph Lake from Texas, Dave Massen from San Francisco, Ron MacConnell from New York, Rick Mohovich from New Jersey and Tom Lennon from San Francisco.

A special thanks to Mt Baker Mountain Guides for supplying Colin and Zac two great guides and Tristan who helped carry gear to base camp and back.  And also Ovenell's Ranch in Concrete, WA our "Official" headquarters. Last but not least: Darryl Loewen from Brish Columbia who provided major logistical support and a memorable kayak adventure down the Harrison River post-climb.
This was the 14th year for these Fundrasing expeditions to raise awareness about prostate health.
Thank you to all our supporters for their encouragement and support!