Monday, May 19, 2014

Costanoa Camp hike and bike

Six of us had a great time down on the San Mateo Coast a few weeks back. we took advantage of a San Francisco Chronicle article by Tom Steinstra and he claims that the hike and bike that we did at Big Basin State Park is his favorite in the United States. I can vouch for that. We rode in six miles on fairly easy terrain. Then locked up our bikes and did a three waterfall eight mile loop back to the bikes. Wild flowers galore, lots of water. We all slept well that night in camp. This is becoming an annual PAF spring event. Three of the guys on the Yosemite High Country PAF expedition were on this weeks hike - Tom Lennon, John Bohan & Ken Malikbike & camp and are in training.We also went to Ano Nuevo State Beach which is the home of thousands and thousands of Sea
lions part of the year and I think you'll enjoy the picture above. 

 he's correct it was a great hike