Monday, August 11, 2014

Napa Valley Pre-Climb Tune-Up for the Yosemite Climb

 Five PAF climbers on the Yosemite Cancer Climb, Trek and Gathering for Prostate Awareness expedition in August did a three day hike and camp in the Napa Valley in late July. The highlight was an 8 hour hike thru some of the most rugged terrain we have ever hiked in. The temperature was over 100 degrees and we were confronted by rattle snakes along the way. 
Looming over the town of Calistoga located at the North end of California's Napa Valley vineyards is a rugged volcanic escarpment known as The Palisades. The center of the 3 parts of the trail, winds along the base of the rocky outcroppings, dipping into 3 large "amphitheaters" or scallops shaping the Palisades' 3.6 mile length. The trail is not for the faint-hearted, particularly in Summer where 90* + temperatures are common. It is narrow, somewhat level, with rock steps frequently encountered, and frequent sections where the trail is little more than footholds in the hillside. This video will give you an indication of what you will encounter if you are planning a Palisades hike."

Here's the edited version of the Palisades hike.   It gives a sense of trail conditions for anyone wanting to do the hike and will join the half dozen other videos on YouTube showing the Palisades:

Videographer/Editor Walter Alter
Artist - Heretic - Savant