Monday, October 27, 2014

A Prostate Success Story - Tom Lennon

Tom Lennon on Barnaby Peak in Marin
Tom recently had a re-biopsy at UCF Medical Center. He didn't want to do it! Like most of us with prostate disease he was not looking forward to the experience and it's potential for infection and side effects. But then came the good news - no Gleason score, no cancer. Just some undifferentiated cells, what layman sometimes call "fence sitters", cells that are not sure which way to go! So what is Tom doing? The doctors didn't ask which is pretty typical. Tom eats a Prostate friendly diet, gets lots of physical activity, practices stress management and has a zest for life. He's taking the PAF proactive approach to Prostate cancer. He tells us he is cautiously triumphant. Bravo Tom.

Carrageenan Alert

Carrageenan is a widely used food additive extracted from red seaweed and used as a thickening agent.
We were surprised to read in an article by Andrew Weil, MD that it has inflammatory qualities and is actually used on lab animals to stimulate inflammation. Since Prostate cancer is an inflammatory condition this is a good substance to avoid. We found it in many dairy substitutes like non-dairy yogurts, non-dairy creamers, ice creams and milk substitutes. Read your labels!

Pole Mtn., Sonoma Coast

We did the 1st "official" Land Trust guided hike of 2200' Pole Mountain on the Sonoma County coastline in late September. Spectacular views & scenery and a lot of nice people.

California Prostate Cancer Coalition Meeting

I attended this annual meeting a couple of weeks ago in San Francisco. I helped found this group of Prostate support group leaders way back in the mid-90's when the tenants of the Prostate Awareness Foundation were very far from mainstream. I'm proud to say a noticeable difference was apparent in 2014 - diet, exercise, stress management   and a zest for life are now concepts that are  now more mainstream options. I somehow feel vindicated. The keynote speaker was Max Roach, MD the chief of radiology at UCSF Medical. Dr Roach discussed his recent successes with salvage radiation after failed radiation treatment.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Butano State Park Hike & Camp

We did our last PAF camping trip of the year last week to Butano State Park in the Santa Cruz Mtns not far from Pescadero (Fish Town). This is one of the least visited state parks. Hardly anyone there. Great hiking and camping in the redwoods.