Monday, February 6, 2017

If You Have Prostate Cancer You Probably Won't Die From It!

That's right, only 3 % of men diagnosed with prostate cancer die from it. I like to say it the other way around: 97% of men diagnosed with prostate cancer will not die from it. So what will most of us die from? More than likely a heart attack.
I had a wake up call over the holidays. My younger brother called me from the hospital. He had had a massive heart attack. At 62 he had had no prior heart problems, but when he called he told me that if he had not called 911 when he did he would not be here today. The type of heart attack he had is called a Widow Maker. It is a major blockage of the left artery in the heart. The name speaks for itself. The survival rate is very low. I realized I need to get a better understanding.  So I Googled Widow Maker to learn more and hopefully find out what I might to do avoid one myself.
Keep in mind that the pro-active lifestyle changes I adopted to keep my prostate cancer from progressing back in 1995 are also important for heart health. They include a prostate healthy diet, lots of cardiovascular exercise and stress management.
But I wanted to do something more. It turns out that Vitamin K2 is a very important supplement for heart health. It helps put calcium where it belongs: in the bones not in the arteries where a calcium build up can lead to a clogging of the arteries and a heart attack.
So I bought a year's supply of Vitamin K2 from a reputable supplier for under $100. In my opinion
very inexpensive additional insurance against heart disease.
Check it out!


  1. It looks like you went on the Cataract Falls hike on Sunday. I thought the weather would cause you to cancel!

    1. Actually we did not hike the Cataract Trail. The Bolinas Rd was closed on the way the trailhead. So we tried a new trail and saw the beautiful Carson Falls.

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