Friday, February 17, 2017

Cannabis - Is it useful for Prostate Cancer?

The PAF began getting reports from men about their cannabis use for prostate cancer a number of years ago. Clinical research on the subject is still hard to find. So the PAF does not encourage or discourage the use of cannabis for prostate cancer treatment. However, a number of men with prostate cancer have reported using a protocol of very high concentrated cannabis oil called Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). The protocol calls for using 1 gram of this cannabis oil per day for between 90 and 180 days depending on the severity of the disease and whether you have had prior conventional treatment.
PAF devoted a lecture and meeting to the subject of cannabis and prostate cancer this February.
Here are some of the things we learned from men in attendance :
1) A number of men we met are currently using variations on this protocol.
2) Some men with early stage prostate cancer report using 250mg instead of 1 gram of RSO.
3) To avoid the extreme psycho-activity at this volume of consumption a number of men are using RSO in suppository form. This approach by-passes the liver on the first pass which dramatically reduces the stony effect. Men report being able to tolerate these large doses and still function and remain focused thru the day.
4) After taking RSO orally for about a week or so, most men report a diminishment of the psycho-active effect.
5) Men on these protocols report deeper and more restful sleep with a pronounced reduction in BPH symptoms including reduced night time urinary frequency.
6) One man with a Gleason of 8 and recurrent prostate cancer after radiation therapy was told by his cancer specialists after a full battery of tests including an MRI and PET scans that his prostate cancer could not be found. But yet his PSA has continued to rise!
We know these stories are not clinical research, but the results are certainly encouraging and bear watching.

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