Saturday, April 11, 2015

Napa Valley Palisades hike by the PAF

Wild Flowers
The Labyrinth
The Palisades
Table Rock
Indian Paintbrush
The PAF has been reminding men for 
some time that those guys that have the most consistent exercise programs have the slowest disease progression. 
The PAF's regular  Monday hiking group completed a rugged, wilderness hike just 70 miles from San Francisco - the dreaded Palisades trail from Mt St Helena above Calistoga. This was a grueling 7 hour trek thru some of the most scenic country in the Wine Country. 
It's wildflower time in The Coastal Range. The weather was pushing 70 degrees and the filtered sunlight on a cloudy day made for ideal conditions.
Our group did this same hike last June in 100+ temperatures. We would not recommend this hike past May 1st

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