Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lynda, Ed, Teri & Walter @ Pt Reyes Ntl. Seashore

A Digital Rectal Exam is very important to your prostate health. It is a way that your doctor can help determine if there is something suspicious going on in your prostate. It doesn't hurt, but it seems that a lot of doctors these days won't do one unless you ask. With the PSA test loosing favor, the PAF strongly recommends getting as many markers as possible. The DRE is one of these markers.
Just like Doctors are not quick to administer the exam, most guys don't look forward to getting them.
At a Give Back Tuesday event at the Rainbow Cattle Company bar in Guerneville,CA to benefit the PAF, Michael Collins, RN performed DRE's on those men wanting to participate. He tells us that a man came up to him the next week
and asked if he would administer the exam. It turns out this DRE indicated there could very well be problems and a visit with a medical specialist should be considered.
Get your DRE done every year after40!

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